Welcome to our Olive Grove

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In September 2012 we left behind our old life in London to start a new life in Michele’s native Tuscany.

We took over an abandoned hill-side olive grove in the beautiful Montalbano area of Tuscany (situated half-way between Lucca and Florence). We harvested our first olives in autumn 2012 and are gradually restoring the grove. In 2013 we will begin selling our organically farmed extra-virgin olive oil.

Living off the land, Tuscan-style, is about more than farming. It is also about knowing the terrain around you, foraging for nature’s gifts, and cooking and preserving food to maximise its natural flavour. With the help of Michele’s family, who generously share their knowledge and experience, we are adapting to our Tuscan life. This blog is designed to record and share our experiences.

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