Spring wildflowers in the olive grove

Soon we will need to take a strimmer to the olive grove and cut the overgrown grass down to a respectable length. In the meantime the terraces are blooming and the grove is covered in a carpet of wild flowers. Wild poppies, marigolds, violets, borage and many more that I can’t identify have all burst into bloom at once, giving me seasonal confusion (poppies and cherry blossom at the same time?) but a visual feast.

wildflowers in olive grove Tuscany

wild viola tuscany italy

wild calendula


wildflowers olive grove tuscany

wildflowers tuscany italy


wild poppies olive grove Tuscany Italy

wild flowers Italy


8 responses to “Spring wildflowers in the olive grove

  1. Thanks for visiting. I wish I could name them all, but I’m still learning to identify them myself! The first flower is a viola though, the orange ones are field marigolds (calendula), the flashes of red are poppies…

  2. Thanks for dropping by my new blog. I have enjoyed reading about your journey in the olive groves. The pictures above make me want to jump on a plane and join you.
    🙂 Gillian

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yes it’s beautiful here, we’re lucky. Good luck with your project, it’s nice to see that slow living isn’t restricted to the countryside. I’m still learning to live life in a mindful, slow way but am already feeling much better for it…

  3. Your pictures are making me wish I had those here! We just seemed to have skipped spring altogether, here, one day snow, two days later +30C, Can’t wait to have flowers in my yard, although none will be as beautiful as fields of wildflowers!

  4. We seem to have fast-forwarded through spring and are already in mid-summer too… I’m worried there will be nothing left to bloom later in the year! Yard/garden flowers are special too – lovely to be welcomed home by them.

    • How interesting. I’ve noticed that here in Tuscany we have many of the same wildflowers as the Uk, the main difference is the flowering time, as the climate is different. There does seem to be a universality about them! Thanks for visiting!

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